Create Custom Notebooks For All Your Loved Ones

Gift custom notebooks to your writers, sketchers, and doodlers this year! Our team debuted over 100 patterns created exclusively for our brand-new notebook collection. Here are our favourite must-have notebook designs to gift to your loved ones as birthday gifts, engagement gifts, or ‘just-because’ gifts.

Find all these designs (and more) in the notebooks builder in the Designs tab.

1. Custom Notebooks for your anything-is-possible kiddos

It’s first because it’s our favourite. Personalise this unicorn design with hot pink text, and your diligent little scholars will always know they can do anything.

(Psst. Got a kid who’s unicorn crazy? Deck their room with unicorn swag with our matching unicorn cushion and blanket designs!) 

2. Custom Notebooks for the newly engaged

Customise a wedding planning notebook for your bestie, complete with wedding hashtag! Makes a wonderfully personal and affordable engagement gift.

Explore the entire range in Designs > Wedding

3. Custom Notebooks for the family activity coordinator 

Create a family activity journal for long car rides of tic-tac-toe, hangman, and dots.

4. Custom Notebooks for doodlers + sketchers

4. Custom Notebooks for doodlers + sketchers
Softcover Notebook A5 – “Watercolor Jungle”, “Vivid Hues”, “Brush Framed”, “Bold Brush”

Hand-painted brushstrokes in juicy colours will delight artistic planners of all ages. See above image for the green and blue pattern tucked beneath the Carson family’s notebook.

5. Custom Notebooks for class parents and class superstars

Create themed notebooks for students, teachers, or class parents to help everyone stay on task.

6. Custom Notebooks for the jet-setting traveller

Include hand painted destination embellishments and pair with a disposable camera for trip documenting. Add text to the spine of notebook for even more wordy fun.

7. Custom Notebooks for the millennial writers

Work gets a playful twist with cheery to-do notebooks for your fellow #bossbabes. Marble designs with wood accents will result in a 100% productivity increase.

Get the deets on our three types of notebooks in this blog post, then start your own.

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