Creating Unique Stocking Fillers for my Family

By Petra from A Mum Reviews

Stocking Fillers

Christmas is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about Stocking Fillers for your loved ones. When it comes to gift giving, I love creating unique items that really mean something to the recipients. It’s always fun making a gift for someone that you can be sure they don’t already have and that is special to them.

Stocking Fillers
This year, I’ve created three different types of personalised photo gifts using Snapfish. The first thing I created was this acrylic photo print featuring an old photo of my mum and dad. I love this photo and I know my sisters do too. One of them will be receiving this in their stocking!

The acrylic photo prints from Snapfish look really sleek and stylish and come with a small stand if you want to stand the photo up on a table or shelf. You can also hang them on the wall. I made some of these last year too and they are so lovely. The acrylic enhances the depth and colour of a photo.

Stocking Fillers

The next thing I made, was a set of six personalised photo coasters. Again, I used an old photo that I really love. This photo is of my late dad when he was very young and looked very cool! My sisters and I adore this photo and one of them will received this stack of coasters as a Christmas gift. I’m sure she’ll love them.

Stocking Fillers
The coasters from Snapfish are great quality! I’ve got two sets myself that I’ve had for quite some time now and we use them all the time and they still look new.

Stocking Fillers
The most Christmassy thing I made were these round acrylic ornaments. I made two – one with that same photo of my mum and dad and one with a photo of my own little family.

The acrylic ornaments come with red, festive cords for hanging in the Christmas tree. One side is matt and one side is shiny and they look so nice! I love personalised Christmas tree ornaments and love making a new one (or two!) each year with a photo from the year that has passed.

When my girls are grown up, they’ll have an amazing collection of personalised ornaments with photos from their childhood which is a very lovely thought.

Stocking Fillers

They’re so beautiful and I love the effect that the chunky acrylic has. I can’t wait to hang them in our Christmas tree in a few weeks’ time.

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