Easy DIY Teachers Gift by Dilan and Me

We’ve love this bright print DIY by Lauren from Dilan and Me. Not only is it perfect for having crafty fun with the kids, but it’s also a great idea for an easy DIY Teachers Gift to say thank you for a fantastic year.

DIY Teachers Gift excerpt from Dilan and Me:

This craft is very very simple to make, and quick enough to keep a four year old interested and engaged, plus the end result really is sweet. To create these really cute (and really easy to make) Lolly Stick Photo Frames you’ll need:

  • Lolly Sticks – we used a mix of coloured and plain but you could paint your own ahead of time. We used 17 sticks per frame, but this will vary depending on the width of your sticks (ours were quite narrow). Make sure that they are over 4 inches (10cm) long!
  • Decent craft glue
  • A selection of Snapfish 10x10cm Photo Prints
  • Stickers, foam letters, pom poms or anything else you’d like to use to decorate

To make the photo frames you should:

  1. Line up enough lolly sticks vertically until you have a width just slightly larger than the 4″ square prints. Using the lolly sticks we had this took 11 sticks.
  2. Glue down one stick horizontally across the top of your 11 sticks, and one across the bottom. This will hold your frame together. Allow to dry slightly.
  3. Gently flip your base over, and glue down your chosen print.
  4. Now select four more lolly sticks (this is where we used the coloured ones). Glue down one across the bottom of your print, one across the top and then one down each side. Your frame is complete!
  5. Decorate the frames in any way you’d like. We used sticky-back foam shapes and letters and big fluffy pom poms.

And that’s it! Seriously easy and quick, even for little fingers. Make as many as you need and either leave them as they are or add magnets or ribbon/string to the back to allow them to be hung up.

Have a go at making your own photo frame with Snapfish 10x10cm Photo Prints >

Check out Laurens full blog post to see what other gifts she’s created to celebrate the end of the school year!

Photos courtesy of Dilan and Me.

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