Our New Custom Button Badge Magnet Make Ideal + Inexpensive Photo Gifts For Friends + Family

Button Badge Magnets On Cupboard
L-R – 3.2cm Button Badge Magnet – “Green Winter” | 3.2cm Button Badge Magnet – “Personalised Text” | 3.2cm Button Badge Magnet – “In Memory” | 3.2cm Button Badge Magnet – “Burg Day” | 3.2cm Button Badge Magnet – “This Kitchen Is Seasoned” | 5.7cm Button Badge Magnet – “Simple Circle” | 5.7cm Button Badge Magnet – “Happy Vaccine” | 5.7cm Button Badge Magnet– “Full Photo With Text”

Add a splash of colour to your fridge or office while preserving your favourite photos with loved ones! Personalise a Button Badge Photo Magnet with a gorgeous photo or choose one of our beautiful ready-to-go designs. These cute-as-a-button (badge) magnets make unique yet affordable gifts for friends, family, grandparents, pet owners, teenagers, children, co-workers and anyone, really. (And they can be easily created in mere minutes!)

Whether you create a ‘gallery wall’ of magnets on your fridge, include one with a larger photo gift, or offer them as cute party favours to your guests (baby or bridal shower, wedding reception, birthday), these custom round magnets are a fresh way to enjoy great photos and captured moments of joy.

Button Badge Magnet on Fridge Door
L-R – 3.2cm Button Badge Magnet – “Love Script” | 5.7cm Button Badge Magnet | 5.7cm Button Badge Magnet – “Memorable Trip” | 3.2cm Button Badge Magnet – “It’s My Birthday”

Our Button Badge Magnets come in two adorable sizes, 3.2cm (1.25″) and 5.7cm (2.25″).

Snapfish has a wide range of custom magnets
L-R – 3.2cm Button Badge Magnet – “For Fox Sake” |
Magnetic Photo Strips |
5.7cm Button Badge Magnet – “Full Photo” |
3.2cm Button Badge Magne – “Berry Cute” |
Mini Square Magnets |
Heart Magnet

Considering a gallery wall of magnets for your fridge or workspace? Check out our full range of personalised fridge magnets here.

Button Badges Make Perfect Party Favours
L-R – 5.7cm Button Badge Magnet – “Bride Squad” | 3.2cm Button Badge Magnet | 5.7cm Button Badge Keyring – “Groom Squad” |

Pair your new Button Badge Magnet with a Button Pin Badge or Button Badge Keyring for maximum cuteness!

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