Personalised canvas prints for MUM ❤

Creating personalised wall art for Mum is a breeze on the new Snapfish website

As a regular Snapfish customer, I thought I knew everything that was possible on the site, so I was delighted to find this new functionality for adding embellishments and layout options to your canvas prints.

It’s great that you can now create your own collage layouts on canvas prints and choose the size and position you want. The text and embellishment options make the canvas print really classy and I just know Mum will love this on Sunday and it was so easy to make too!”


I found the lettering in the “Alphabets” embellishment section (within Basics) and the lovely flower corners in the “Spring” embellishment section (within Seasonal). The whole drag and drop functionality made creating this layout really easy – I was able to resize the photos within the template and align them all using the clever blue guidelines to make sure every element was where it was supposed to be.

The canvas print arrived within a week and I was blown away with how professional it looked when I opened the packaging.


I couldn’t resist putting it on my wall to see how it looked before wrapping it up again for Mum and I am now inspired to produce something else using embellishments for myself.




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