Score top marks with these 10 Back-to-School photo tips

It’s that time of year again when your little one(s) head back to class and adorable photo ops abound! Here are our top tips for capturing the best Back-to-School photos.

Plan ahead

Create multiple prints of your child looking adorable in their new school clothes on the first day of school.

Take some photos the day before school starts. Let the kids get comfortable with their new uniform, bag and shoes. Top Tip: create a customised key ring to personalise their school bag, or just to hold their house keys!

Have some fun

Create and share multiple prints of your children in their school gear or uniforms with playful props.

Include playful props, e.g. a red apple, a pile of books, large fake glasses, etc.

Get some perspective

Create and share multiple prints of your child looking tiny and precious wearing their big new school bag.

Have your child sit next to their big, new school bag. Take the photo from an angle where the school bag is closer to your lens. This will make your child appear tiny (and too cute) in comparison!

You’re never ready for their big steps

Capture and print a portrait of your child on the first day of school with a funny sign for Mum or Dad.

Have your child hold a sign or use an app to add a speech bubble containing a message, such as “Don’t cry, Mum!” Top Tip: you can add embellishments to our collage photo prints to make creativity even easier!

Photo bomb!

Ask your child to make an exasperated, mopey face. Use the timer function on your camera/phone to allow you time to photo bomb your own child with an expression of pure excitement. The timer function of the most recent iOS updates can capture up to ten photos at once in timer mode.

See ya later!

Capture and print a poignant portrait of your child leaving for their first day of school.

Capture a poignant image from behind as your child walks out your front door or is about to enter their school’s front door.

Growth chart

Print and share multiple copies of your child all ready for their first day back at school.

Get the kids to hold a book or chalkboard with the first day of school and the year written on it. You can also use editing apps to write the date, school etc. at a later time. You can take a similar photo six or even twelve months later to compare and see how much they’ve changed!

All about me

Create custom cards or prints with your child's best school photos and a list of their favourites!

Capture your child with plenty of space left beside them in the frame. Later, list your child’s interests, hobbies, favourite things etc. in the empty space using editing apps or Snapfish embellishments. Top Tip: You can also store those little trinkets they make in a personalised photo tin!

Big day

Decorate your wall or fridge with side-by-side prints of your superstar on their first and last day of school.

A side-by-side showing a shot from the start of term and then at the end of term can be pretty priceless! Top Tip: These before and after images look great as photo fridge magnets and you can create new ones every year to see how they grow!

What a journey!

Place older school photos next to the latest school photos of your child for a priceless photo book.
11×8″ Landscape Hardcover Photo Book

On the first day of senior year, get your child to hold a large photo of themselves as a child on their first day of primary or high school. Get the tissues ready!

Finally, bear in mind that you could always tell your own Back-to-School story with these adorable photos in a stunning Snapfish photo book!

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