Spice Up Your Autumnal Photos!

Out of the four seasons, summer-time usually gets all the glory with its blue skies, warm weather, and seemingly endless holiday fun. However, a lot of people believe that autumn is the best season of them all! Who doesn’t love cosy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and crisp, cool air? So, if you’re head over heels for this season, we’ve got some tips + tricks to help you document all your amazing autumnal activities. 

Autumnal Inspiration

Fall(ing) foliage — There’s something magical about watching the leaves change colour as soon as the first hint of chill hits the air. Green leaves transform into warm, rich hues of yellow, orange, and red. These colours make for an amazing backdrop for your photos! If you’re taking portraits there are so many ways you can incorporate leaves into your image. Try to take photos of your subject standing near to, or leaning against trees that have changed colour. If there are lots of leaves on the ground, have your subject throw them into the air and capture the moment. You can also change perspective and have them lie on a pile of leaves while you take an overhead shot. If you’re taking nature photos, look for single trees that have turned autumnal before all the others around them. Or, take close up shots of fallen leaves against the green grass or pavement.

Fun on the farm — Since autumn is all about a bountiful harvest, farms are the perfect backdrop for your photos. Showcase fun around the farm with pumpkin patches, orchards, maize mazes, and tractor rides! You can also take photos near barns, wooden fences, farm equipment, and hay bales for a rustic, rural look. 

Nature walks — We already mentioned that the autumn leaves are amazing this time of year. If you’re taking photos of people, try getting a shot of them walking together through the brightly coloured woods. Similarly, if you’re taking nature photos without people, try and find nature trails lined with trees and their vibrant leaves. Bonus points if you find woods or copses with a little morning fog or mist.

Adorable animals — Don’t forget portraits of our furry friends! Any of the above ideas would be great for dogs (or well-behaved cats), too. There’s nothing dogs love more than running through a pile of leaves, so try and capture this moment. If you’re more interested in nature shots, woodland creatures are all out stocking up on food for the winter. Try and capture foxes, squirrels, migrating birds, and other animals in their natural habitat.

The golden hour — Also referred to as the “magic hour”, the golden hour is the period of time right before sunrise or shortly after sunset. Since the sun is at a low angle, its light is not as intense. What you get is a warm, glowing look to your photos. Great for landscape photos and portraits!

Time To Get Creative

Ready to print off your amazing images? We have prints of all shapes and sizes to choose from. Choose standard prints for single images, or larger collage prints for a multi-photo display. You can also compile all your photos into one spot with a seasonal photo book. Have something extra special you want to showcase? Try turning your snapshots into wall art with canvas prints, photo panels, or acrylic prints. Since autumn is all about getting cosy and comfy, create a photo blanket with favourite moments you can snuggle up with. Or spice up your décor with seasonal photo cushions

Now that you’ve decided which product you want to personalise, don’t forget to add some extra flair! Once you’re in the project builder you’ll be able to add autumn embellishments to your creation. Just click on the “Embellishments” tab and choose “Seasonal > Autumn”. Here you’ll find decorative gourds, autumn leaves, woodland animals, fun phrases, and so much more. 

Feeling inspired to make your own photo gifts + cards with autumnal embellishments? Please share your creations with us on social media! Just tag @SnapfishIE on Instagram or Facebook with photos or use the hashtag #SnapfishIE. You can also follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, too!

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