Unique Ideas To Celebrate Saint Brigid’s Day This Year

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Là Fhèill Brìghde sona dhuibh uile! (Happy St. Brigid’s Day!) Every year, people all over Ireland come together to celebrate Saint Brigid’s Day!

This festive event is celebrated on the first Monday in February, and it honours the life of the Irish patron saint while incorporating themes of rebirth and the start of spring. It is a day full of social activities, traditional foods, and celebrations, that are sure to bring joy and happiness to the entire family. Read on for a bit of history and ideas on how to join in the fun with a gorgeous photo book to commemorate your favourite moments from the day!

The History of Saint Brigid’s Day

Saint Brigid was an Irish saint who lived in the 6th century. She was born near modern-day County Kildare, and is one of the most beloved figures in Irish culture. She played an important role in shaping early Christianity in Ireland by founding several churches and monasteries around the country. Her legacy lives on today through Saint Brigid’s Day celebrations that take place every year on February 1st.

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A4 Landscape LOVE Linen Photo Book

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What to Take Photos of on St. Brigid’s Day

  • Spring imagery
  • Newborn babies or infants
  • Baptisms
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Photo Prints
  • The family weaving St. Brigid ‘crosses’ using rushes gathered near rivers or lakes. (You can also just use twigs from your garden or paper strips cut into equal lengths to make your very own cross for protection against evil spirits!)
Handmade St Brigid Cross
  • Making and eating traditional dishes like colcannon (mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage or kale), barmbrack (a type of fruitcake), and buttery mashed turnips with bacon bits or roasted onions on top. Pro tip: scan in Granny’s recipes in her own handwriting for a tangible memory (a recipe photo book) of those priceless family get-togethers!
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A4 Landscape LOVE Linen Photo Book
  • Decorating the house (many people still hang a St. Brigid’s cross over their door for protection from fire and bad luck!)
  • Making corn dollies and wearing costumes or masks to represent different characters in ancient Celtic folklore
  • Visiting local historical sites that are related to Saint Brigid’s life and works
  • Parades and other public events

Want an easy springtime home refresh in honour of St. Brigid? Consider placing candles in customised plant pots, placing some new photo coasters on surfaces around the house and hanging up some photo tiles for a quick spring-themed gallery wall that you could easily switch out when the season ends.

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We can’t wait to see what you create for your St. Brigid’s Day celebration!

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