Throw a killer Halloween for your family this year!

Looking for fun ways on how to take your at-home Halloween get-together to the next level? We’ve loads of ideas (plus a FREE printable game) to help you create an unforgettable Halloween celebration. Although 2020 has been unusual to say the least, we still think this year’s Halloween should be spooky, scary, and all-around spectacular!

Create mugs for even more magic

Fill personalised Halloween mugs with sweets for the trick or treaters

Whether it’s just your immediate family, or you’re going to invite a small handful of (small) friends over, mugs filled with sweet treats make a great takeaway gift for your Halloween bash. Personalise with your friends or family members’ names, add spooky or silly Halloween-themed embellishments, and gift them to everyone who celebrates with you! 

Choose from an array of creepy costume and other Halloween themed embellishments

Take the fun up a notch with magic mugs! They appear black, but once you pour a hot beverage in, they reveal your design — how cool! Add creepy embellishments like spiders, cobwebs, and bats to your magic mug design for a super-spooky vibe. 

Start with some fun games + activities

Download our free Halloween Printable game

No better way to get the party started than with fun games + activities! Which is why we’re bringing you an easy printable activity that can be fun for the whole family.

Print out our adorable Pin the Tail on the Ghost game and give it a try! We even have two adorable ghost options to choose from: white or black backgrounds. The rules are easy — wear a blindfold, spin around 3 times, and try to pin the tail on the ghost. Whoever get closest to the right spot wins. Create a little friendly competition with your partner, children, and anyone else you include in your festivities!

Download our free Halloween Printable game

Rock spooky + silly masks

If you’re having a few (small) friends over for some outside trick or treating, it’s a good idea to have some face masks on hand to keep everyone safe and socially distant. Snapfish has loads of unique custom mask designs, but have you checked out our creepier designs? They’re perfect for Halloween! And they come in both adult and kid-friendly sizes to protect you all.

Create custom Halloween themed face masks

We have an x-ray skeleton, several monster mask designs (including fangs!), and even a sugar skull face mask. Plus, you can easily add a photo of your favourite Halloween costume to a full photo mask design. If you aren’t into the creepy-crawly vibes, try one of our sweet animal face mask designs, including a bear, cat, or bunny. Remember, our custom face masks come in two sizes — small and large – so both adults and children can have their ideal size and style this Halloween!

More treats than tricks!

Customise your table with personalised Halloween themed chopping boards

The key to Halloween — don’t skimp on the treats! Whether it’s zombie teeth, Dracula fangs, chocolate pumpkins or some delicious homemade treats, sugar is required. If you decide to bake, display your sweet treats on a personalised glass chopping board. Create something special for the season and add embellishments of pumpkins, skeletons, witches, monsters, and more.  

Let the fun live on

Create a Halloween photo album of all your treasured Halloween pictures using a range of pre-made Halloween photo book templates + designs

Don’t forget to snap lots of photos to document your evening of tricks + treats. Capture the children’s spook-fastic costumes, as well as the laughter and games galore. You can relive the Halloween fun long after it’s done with personalised photo books! Add your favourite photo memories from your home Halloween fun to a photo book layout of your choosing. Add text, but don’t forget all the spooky, scary, seasonal embellishments! 

Showcase your favourite Halloween pictures as a collage canvas print

It’s easy to create custom canvas to commemorate your Halloween fun, too. Pick your perfect size + style and add some pictures from your spooktacular celebration. Add photos of the whole family to one of our family-centric canvas designs. Plus, it’s easy to swap out canvas to coordinate with every season. Make some for Christmas, summer fun, and beyond. 

Did you host a Halloween monster fest this year? Even if it was just for your family, share the silly + spooky photo memories with us. You can tag us @snapfishie on Instagram or Facebook or use the hashtag #snapfishie. Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, too. 

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