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Send a Sincere Sympathy Card


A small gesture can go a long way when loved ones are experiencing grief and loss. Personalised sympathy cards can be a simple but heartfelt way to express your condolences, as well as your support and love during difficult times. It’s hard to know what to write and how to approach things with sensitivity, but there are many ways to incorporate beloved memories in a thoughtful and tasteful way. Unique condolence cards can be a meaningful way to offer comfort and pay your respects.

Creating Personalised Condolence Cards


When designing a sympathy card, it’s important to think of the recipient and what they would find most supportive. Consider what’s appropriate as you offer your condolences, whether that involves including your favourite photo to celebrate the life of the loved one who passed, or customised text to communicate that you’re thinking of them and you’re there if they need you. Continue personalising your sympathy card with the right design, colours, trim, and embellishments as you see fit, and top it off with a loving message for the bereaved.