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Tips for making Christmas photo ornaments


This year, make custom Christmas tree ornaments that transform once-in-a-lifetime moments into unique photo gifts you can hold onto forever. Turn milestones like baby’s 1st Christmas and the annual family holiday into thoughtful personalised photo gifts that show friends and relatives how much you care. Add fun to your custom creations with adorable photos of the family pet, or even photos of the kids’ artwork and school souvenirs to make the perfect keepsake ornaments that can be treasured on the Christmas tree for years to come.


Want to learn more photo tips and tricks like this one? The Snapfish blog has gift ideas for year-round creativity! Whether you’re making Xmas tree ornaments of your family, friends, dog, or cat, there’s always something new to DIY.


Get inspired

Photo gift inspiration


Capture your favourite moments of the kids and the family pet with Christmas ornaments that double as stocking fillers.

Fill the stockings with care


Start a tradition of commemorating each Christmas with a beautiful ornament. Gift one to the grandparents, too.

Start making memories


Decorate the Xmas tree with thoughtful photos of family, just like Petra of A Mum Reviews made.

Go for the gold star


Discover even more gifts you can make! Totally sleigh your Xmas shopping this year with these easy-to-make photo gifts.

Move over, Santa

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